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This personal project explores the concept of time, love and individuality. 

If played right, these three elements may compose a perfect symphony of life. However, we’re living in an era where we are constantly exposed to the fear of losing time and love. Individuality is deserted in exchange of fitting-in and false belonging. 


How can we find our true selves and love, with the limited time given? 


That, my dear, is a question for you to answer. 


May my works serve as the inspiration and motivation for you to start this journey. 

This collection consists of  12 individual drawings that represent the blooming stages of a lily flower. Each unique moment is centred in a circle, which symbolises the eternity of time. The markings on the circle echos that of a clock and serve as a reminder of time.


Apart from the objective ways of looking at time, I also want to explore the subjective views that influence our perception. And this brings on the topic of love. 


Being with the significant other makes time fly and any time apart feels like a century. When things are going well, we want to seize the moment and rush into decisions. When faced with difficulties, we wish the time would fly yet it is always the very opposite. 


Fortunately, time is not partial to joy or sorrow. People and possessions flow in and through our lives. If we're lucky, we're gifted with memories that live forever in our heart, however fleeting the actual moments might be. 


During our journey through time, we may notice another consistent factor in our life - ourselves. We are always present, during good or bad times. Many people come into our lives for a season but we are here to stay for a lifetime. 


Since we can't alter or control time, let's make the best out of it. We shall love boldly, enjoy the now and cherish ourselves - though our time is finite, the impact we leave can be infinite. 


This collection was tattooed on 12 individuals and each carrying one unique blooming stage of the flower. 

The project was completed in June 2022 at Evergreen Studio in Newcastle Upon Tyne. 

my endless love

Yolie Light

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