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Yolie Light

This is a project that has been sitting in my notebook for a long while.


Ironically, the delay was caused by my fear of not feeling ready. But now, as I stand amid the journey of my own growth, I realise there is no better time to honour this project than the present moment.


This ongoing journey of personal development has taught me that growth is a constant, and the discomfort we feel is often a sign that great transformations are just around the corner.


As some of you know that I decided to start art school earlier this year at the age of 31. I’ve always wanted to study fine arts and in fact it had been my plan before tattooing snatched me away.


It was an easy decision to make but a hard road to walk.


The growth I’ve expreinced in this past year is having developed a sense of trust in my own artist vision. I still have such a long way to go but I’m so happy to learn to speak in my own voice.


I understand growth means different things to you and I’m curious to know your story.


I want to honour, to celebrate and to remind us of the growth we have achieved, and the growth awaits us ahead.


And to me, the vines climbing on our body is a great symbolism of growth.


I had the pleasure of tattooing for 4 wonderful individuals who generously shared their growth stories with me. I was inspired and touched by their personal and professional journeys. 

Though I believe that growth is an inside job, a visual reminder is equally powerful. I hope the growth we see on the outside can serve as an encouragement and/or comfort whenever you need it. 

I'm deepful grateful for the opportunities to make this project come true. Thank you for everyone who has participated. Thank you Nick, Kelly, Kirsten and Maggie again for your kindness and love for this project. 


Thank you to Youjin(@choice.visuals) for helping capture the magical moments. 

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