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Yolie Light

Words are powerful.


They can be a warm hug or a sharp knife.


Learning to speak to myself in a kind and loving way was a big challenge. And I understand that it can be extemely hard, and even seem impossible when you’re in a dark place.


I know you want to run and hide. I did the same.


I was fortunate to be supported by friends and family during my journey. Among those amazing souls, it was my counsellor Rosie who planted the seed of self-love and showed me the way of self-nurturing.


Though I’m still a work-in-progress, I’m now able to anchor myself with affirmations that speak to me.


“I am safe” for when I feel shaky and uncertain.

“I am enough” for when I doubt my abilities.

“I am worthy” for when I feel inadequate.

“I am strong” for when I am faced with challenges.

“I am grateful” for when I can’t seem to make a change.


For this collection, I drew inspiration from floriography and combined it with the affirmations, in the attempt to bring you hope and light.


May these gentle words be the whispers in your ears when you feel lost, stuck or alone.

The project is also dedicated to I Am Hope. 


I had the joy of meeting Jo and tattooing for her recently. During our session, she mentioned that she works for I Am Hope and shared the organisation’s vision, to which I had an instant connection.


They offer free quality counselling services to the youth in New Zealand and aims to promote positive attitudinal societal change around mental health. It is everything I care about and want to stand behind.


Getting a counselling session through public health system can be a 6 weeks’ wait. And it’s heartbreaking to know that it’d just be too late for many at that stage.


Donations make it possible for young people to access professional help timely. And this could really impact someone’s life, if not save one.


And I want to contribute.


All proceeds from the project have been donated to I Am Hope NZ. 


May your heart be filled with love and light.


Yours truly,



Project details - Completed
This project was completed on 16th Feb, 2023 at 7th Day Studio, Auckland, New Zealand. 

For full story of the project day, please click here. 


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